Fame Hungry Spellslingers: Review for Pixel Glory

Pixel Glory is a retro-inspired dungeon run game with a card auction/drafting component. Players take on the roles of competing sorcerers bound and determined to gather the most fame and glory for their “service” to the town. Alternatively, the game can also be played solo, or cooperatively.

Dobbers Quest for the key

Dobbers: Quest for the Key is a competitive deck building adventure where you are trying to be the first Dobber, gnome-like creatures who inhabit the forest, to reach and claim the magical key used to imprison a great evil. What sets this deck builder apart, though, is that you are the one creating the challenges other players face.

Tea and Arsenic: Review of A Little Drop of Poison

A Little Drop of Poison is a deliciously devious game where the rat and weasel factions settle their differences by politely poisoning one another. Players attempt to eliminate the king and members of the opposing faction each round of the game by secretly playing poisons on their targets. Here’s the catch, every time the king is killed, the faction each player belongs to changes randomly.