Tea and Arsenic: Review of A Little Drop of Poison

Tea and Arsenic: Review for A Little Drop of Poison

  • # of Players: 3-8
  • Best # of Players: 6+
  • Publisher: Baksha Games
  • Age Range: 8+
  • Price Point: $12.00

You smile at your guest, Mrs. Bramblewine, and politely pour her another cup of tea. “…Old Mister Goodfellow is still missing, the poor dear…,” she says pleasantly.

No, they hadn’t found poor old mister Goodfellow. The village drunk had just disappeared last month, and no one had seen hide nor hair of him since. You are pretty sure you know what happened to him. The decent town folk had finally grown tired of his drunken behavior and dealt with him… After all, you had contributed a drop or two to his demise, although you wouldn’t admit it.

You continue to smile politely as Mrs. Bramblewine drones on and on about what a travesty it is that the mayor, Mister Winters has remodeled his office and painted it such a horrid shade of brown. Keep on, Mrs. Bramblewine, you think. Just a few more drops and we will be rid of you too…


A Little Drop of Poison is a deliciously devious game where the rat and weasel factions settle their differences by politely poisoning one another. Players attempt to eliminate the king and members of the opposing faction each round of the game by secretly playing poisons on their targets. Here’s the catch, every time the king is killed, the faction each player belongs to changes randomly.


Gameplay is quick. Once you know how to play you play about 3 games in an hour.

The fact that your faction is always changing from round to round keeps you on your toes.


The Minimum players needed for a decent game is four. However, I would recommend at least six players.

The game is simple enough that it can be played by ages 8 and older. However, due to the nature of the game, some parents might find the game inappropriate for younger players.


A Little Drop of Poison is played in assassination rounds where the goal is to assassinate the king and members of the opposing faction. The assassination rounds are further broken down into several poison rounds where players take turns playing poisons on the king and other players. At the beginning of each assassination round players are assigned a faction at random, and a king is randomly selected. Points are scored by killing the king, and members of the opposing faction. Once the king is dead, or only one player remains alive, the score is tallied up. If a player has ten or more points they win, otherwise play continues with a new assassination round.


A Little Drop of Poison is a competitive game that requires some level of teamwork each round in order to win. In a way, it is a secret ballot game where players vote someone out by playing a specific type of poison on them and hoping their current teammates play the same type of poison on the same player. The challenge is that players do not know what color poisons have been played on themselves or others until they are revealed at the end of each poison round. And even if one of your poisons contributed to their demise, if you didn’t play it the round they died you don’t get any credit for the kill. So pick your poisons and your targets with care.

My Verdict

A Little Drop of Poison is a very enjoyable party game that can be a nice change of pace. If you are looking for a deep or profound game, this is probably not the game for you. Instead, the whole game is a rather tongue in cheek affair that gives you permission to “kill your friends” while having a good time over pizza and drinks. This makes a great game for a casual night of gaming, or a good appetizer while waiting for the main course of a more serious game night.

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