Author: Joshua Worley


Hungering Darkness: Seals of Cthulhu

Seals of Cthulhu finds Investigators and Cultist engaged in a battle of influence and subterfuge in an attempt to either prevent or help one of the great old ones from breaking through into our world. Should the investigators win, the world lives another day. However, should the cultists win… It isn’t likely anyone will be around to witness the devastation.


Careful and Subtle Communication: Crosstalk Review

Crosstalk is a party game that challenges players to guess a secret word or phrase before the opposing team. Each team has a player who knows the word or phrase, and offers a new clue each turn… just one catch, they have to give the clue to the opposing team.

Review: Venture Capital 0

Review: Venture Capital

Venture capital is an auction style game where players bid on various startups and services. Ultimately you are trying to gain the most points over 15 rounds of bidding.