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Review: Epic Roll

Epic roll is a press your luck dice roller that pits you against a horde of undead lead by the Lich. Each round players get a chance to push as far as they dare into the Lich’s territory by killing his minions.


Review: Boss Monster

Boss Monster is inspired by classic NES side-scrollers but played from the other side. Players take on the role of the final boss of one of these side-scrolling dungeons and attempt to lure brave heroes to their doom while trying to thwart the machinations of their fellow bosses.


Review: Forbidden Island

  Forbidden Island # of Players: 2-4 Best # of Players: 4 Publisher: Gamewright Age Range: 10+ Price Point: $29.99 Overview Years of research in dusty library archives and countless expeditions into the forgotten...


Review: Elder Sign

Elder Sign # of Players: 1-8 Best # of Players: 4 Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games Age Range: 14+ Price Point: $34.95 Overview As you walk the halls and exhibits of the Miskatonic University Museum...